Tailor-made and interactive paper - TailorPap -project is one of TEKES funded project in NETCOAT network.

The duration of the project is 1.10.2003 31.12.2006.

The project is a collaboration of

Also Top Analytica is participated to the project by doing chemical analyses.

The project is funded by TEKES, VTT and Industrial partners: Kemira Oyj, Metso Paper Oy, M-real Oyj, Myllykoski Paper Oy, Raisio Chemicals, UPM-Kymmene Oyj and Stora Enso Oyj.

The aim of this project is to tailor the surface of the paper by chemical treatment for control and adjust the absorption properties and surface chemistry of the paper. We believe that with this way it is possible to enable low and even absorption of printing ink and to control for example curl of copy papers. To reach the goal it is important to increase the know-how of interactions between paper surface and chemical compounds. The interaction of polymer and wood fibre is an important characteristic to be controlled when improving the quality, wettability, penetrability and printability of paper surface. If it is possible to adjust surface properties with chemical treatment, the significance of base paper properties for the paper diminish and the structure and production process of paper can be simplified and cheaper raw materials used.